The Unknown Taiwan
Marc J. Cohen

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Geography
Chapter 2: People
Chapter 3: History
Colonial Rule
  -Two Centuries of Chainese Misrule
  -Japenese Rule, 1895-1945
  -Taiwan-China Relations
  -The 2-28 Incident
  -The "Republic of China on Taiwan"
  -U.S. -Taiwan Relations
Chapter 4: Government
  -Constitution and Government
  -The KMT's Martial Law Police State
Chapter 5: Political Developments
  -The Kaohsiung Incident and its Aftermath
  -Birth of a Party
  -National Security Law
  -The Post-Chiang Era: Challenges to the KMT in the
   Streets and at the Polls 
  -The National Affairs Conference
  -Future Political Prospects
Chapter 6: Economy
  -Background to Econonmic Change
  -State Role in the Economy
  -Fiscal and Monetary Policies
  -Dependent Development
  -Future of the Economy
  -Decline of Agriculture
Chapter 7: Energy and Environment
  -Energy Policy
  -Environmental Issues
Chapter 8: Social Issues
  -Social Welfare Policies
  -Workers and the Economic Miracle
Chapter 9: Education
Chapter 10: Media
Chapter 11: Culture
Chapter 12: Religion
The PCT Confronts the KMT
Chapter 13: International Relations
  -Flexible Diplomacy
  -KMT Policy Toward China
  -KMT Military Policy
  -PRC "Reunification" Policy
  -The Case for Self-determination
  -Taiwan and the United Nations
Chapter 14: Overseas Taiwanese
Ten Questions And Answers on Taiwan Today
Suggestions for Further Reading
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